Sunday, 17 August 2008

Lust Or Love

I met a preacher yester.
He asked me to ask myself.
What I already knew.
So I did.

Was it lust?
Was it love?
So what.
Now what.

Ma shut your door.
I hate Talat.
The noise tonight.
Gotto be Dylan.

Im not there.
Im not here.

Im going back.
To reality.
O the crap.
Surreal is super.

Come pseudo.
Come undone.
Hah what a mass.
Shave it off!

Halve it.
Sweat it!
Are you asking yourself?
What the preacher asked.

Still no answer.
Is there.
Without lust?
Just wondering.


pixeleen said...

It is possible but it's not such a bad deal to have lust either. Well, as in the song thottaal poo malarum - kangal padamal, kaigal thodaamal, kadhal varuvadhilai ;-) Plus, "sinning" with the one you love won't make it a sin.

freebyrd said...

translate pannu!

pixeleen said...

Love's not sparked without holding hands or letting the eyes rove...

freebyrd said...

How do the blind love then?
What about untouchables?


pixeleen said...

Oh the blind love more...when you shut your eyes all your senses are a lot more alive and you see with everything. And don't be politically incorrect :-p