Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Do you like Apple Bob?

The iPhone.
A revolution.
Present. Future.
Interface. Imagination.
Mankind. Inspire.
Provoke. Generation.

You Bob?

You are culture.
The revolution.
Imagination. Sparkle.
Lyrical. Inspire.
Generations. Future.

Like you.
The iPhone.
Artists. Sculpt.
Critic. Create.
Tease. Masses.
Deciphers. Desire.

In us.
Mere gazers.
Fill eyes.

16 Gig .
For you then.


pixeleen said...

It seems to be a case of art mimics art...warm and personal like your own bowl of hot chocolate fudge

freebyrd said...

Hot choc fudge!?
Not sure...
HCF is bought and consumed...
And then shed off.
Not permanent.
Like a design form.
Thats influential...

Danke tho.

pixeleen said...

Well, HCF is something you return to, savour in the middle of the night, yearn for, relish it right from scooping it to letting it melt in your mouth, appreciate the flavoursa..it's experiential. In that way, in that sense, isn't it alike?