Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Somewhere Above

Will Michael Jackson arm wrestle Ayrton Senna this year
As Florence Griffith Joyner rehearses a ballet

Would Richard Burns share a lollipop with Colin McRae
While Kurt Cobain and Richard Wright sip nectar

What about Cornelius Bumpus riding Unicorns

Does John Bonham play tetris amongst satin clouds
Unaware of John Denver and Peter Tosh catching fairies

Is there Reggae in the river

Do you reckon Eva Cassidy and Elvis are jiving to Mozart
While Henry Surtees carves paper cars from bamboo

And John Lennon practises origami from orange peels

Is Sundaram Karivardhan trading fruit wine recipes with Jim Clark
As Daijiro Kato prepares his lotus leaf boat

In a shiny lilac dew drop - somewhere above


pixeleen said...

Maybe it's something to do with first impressions...I really liked the initial, unpolished one. But I also really like the last stanza and conclusive line on this one (there is a change, right?) On the whole I find it very picaresque, though the rogue here is evidently you, trespassing other worlds. Liked being your vicarious voyeur on your sneaky trip

freebyrd said...

Rogue? More a fantasiser!